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They got us in the grip of their propaganda...

A "Bastille" to take !

Sunday, may9th, on Itélé (TV news network), images broadcasted in loop of several thousand prostesters who participated in "Drugs peace march" in Mexico... They also commented on the recent decriminalisation there, which allows mexicans to possess 25 grams of Marijuana.

Last year the Paris Police Departement authorized another demonstration of Madagascan democrats, at the same place as the global March for Cannabis Liberation, in an attempt to cover up our demonstration.

This underhanded strategy of the Paris Police Departement allowed the French Press Agency (AFP) to falsy report that the Cannabis March was cancelled.

In 332 cities around the world, the March for Cannabis Liberation brought hundreds of thousands demonstrators to the streets to call for an end to prohibition.

In France, since may1st, in Lyon, Paris and Aurillac, on the sidelines of the traditionnal workers day demonstrations, the supporters of legalisation united to protest this unefficient law.

On Saturday may8th, the french demonstration at Place de la Bastille, brought more than one thousand protestors. They shouted the sloggans "less police, more cannabis", "We want weed, we want organic weed", "Long live cannabis freedom", "prevention is better than punishment", "end prohibition now, let’s legalized". The gathered crowd had a great energy, participated actively and danced to political songs wich animated the square in front of the Bastille Opera, as passerbys and tourists showed their support. In this limited space there was an atmosphere of "Paristerdam" symbolically dedicated to Bernard Rappaz, as numerous posters demanded his release from prison.

Even if this plant -Cannabis Sativa L- was honoured for the Liberation day, there is still a "Bastille to take"... for a realistic tolerance and prevention.

Yes we Can...nabis

A festive atmosphere was a fitting way to mark the first anniversary of the Cannabis without borders committee - (ecological alternative) Movement for Freedom and liberties, which was launched at this same place last year for the european parliament reelection.

At the Bastille, many citizens gave testimomies directly concerning the current policy on narcotic drugs, which emphasized all disastruous consequences of a prohibitionnist policy and a strong desire for a paradigm shift.

As usual, the french media totally ignored this demonstration : failing to announce it befor end or report on it after... with the notable exceptions of Télé Bocal, Radio Campus, Essonne Info, Radio libertaire, LeNouveau20h et d’Alain Téoulé... Thank you to them.

Before may7th 2011, which will be the 10th edition of the Worldwide Marijuana March in France,

- May16th 6:30 PM, "Gipsy’s Insurrection Festival" at Saint Denis Basilique place.

- June18th, 6:00 PM, "June18th appeal" everywhere in France, where people dare to come out of shadow to resist... like in Aurillac, Chalon-sur-Saône, Lyon, and Paris (La Villette). Follow up informations on

- And in the coming months, until decembre31st 2010, there will be several other initiatives to highlight the results of 40 years of antinarcotics laws in France.

Click here to find images and testimonies from the March in paris :

Download Psysrek mix :

Watch live stream archives (unfortunately connection wasn’t good enough to save it properly, but streaming was good for all geeks)

In Bruxelles :

Audio and web article reports :

Thank you Yael for translation help.

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