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UK : La ministre en charge de la Politique Drogues s’oppose aux évolutions législatives sur le cannabis tandis que son mari dispose d’une licence pour le cultiver.

A cannabis law reform lobbying group has hit out at a Tory drugs minister for what they call “hypocrisy” for opposing drugs reforms while her husband’s company has a lucrative contract growing cannabis.

Victoria Atkins husband’s company is in partnership with GW Pharmaceuticals, a UK biotech firm, which is developing Epidiolex, a synthetic drug made from cannabis plants and used to treat childhood epilepsy.

Families with children with epilepsy around the world have been medicating the condition with natural cannabis tinctures too – which when kept under certain temperatures avoid the psychopharmaceutical “high” effects of the drug.

Atkins is the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability, and her remit includes drugs policy.

And so far she has towed the Government’s line and opposed calls from MP’s from all sides of the House of Commons for a more common sense approach to harm reduction with cannabis legislation, especially when many Brits turn to cannabis and cannabis oils for medical reasons ranging from Multiple Sclerosis to chronic pain and cancer.

Voir en ligne : The London Economic : UK Drugs Minister opposes cannabis law reform while her husband profits from a license to grow it

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