Youth NGOs make their views heard on Global Drug Policy

Youth NGOs make their views heard on Global Drug Policy

Oct 8, 2018 | Actions, Blog, Supported

For decades, harsh drug policies have been implemented in the name of the « protection of our youth », however creating more harms on young people and their communities than the harm related to drug use themselves. Recently, Donald Trump compelled 130 countries to sign a reactionary position statement on global drug policies, calling to « deliver a drug-free future for all of our children. »

Ahead of the High-level session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs that will be held in March 2019, a coalition of youth organizations address the governments of the planet : « We invite you to work with, and not for, the populations your drug control commitments affect the most – young people, people who use drugs, women, indigenous people, people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and other marginalized communities. »

Voir en ligne : FAAAT think & do tank

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