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Deep-rooted Herer Hemp Inc. sees a wide, challenging horizon

Hemp entrepreneur Dan Herer and an executive group have established Herer Hemp Inc., a new entity that has positioned itself to develop products across all major industrial hemp sectors in the USA. “We just took hemp off Schedule 1,” Herer said of recent changes at the federal level in the USA that saw hemp reclassified as a common agricultural... continuer →

Revisiting the Birthplace of the Cannabis Social Club Model and the Role Played by Cannabis Social Club Federations

Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) are a nonprofit model for the supply of cannabis originating in Spain. This article aims to provide an overview of current CSC practices in Barcelona, exploring the role played by CSC Federations in shaping them. This analysis draws on 32 semistructured interviews with CSC managers (n = 15) and with other... continuer →

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Brings Former Marijuana Policy Project Director

In her much loved dinner prep Instagram livestreams, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made it clear that she thinks marijuana prohibition is a “tool” used to oppress people of color in the United States. But other than the fact she’d legalize cannabis and advocate for the release of people who have been incarcerated for nonviolent drug... continuer →

Here is Why Setting Up a Hemp Startup is Not Easy in India

A quick Google search about hemp will leave you with two thoughts – one, hemp is a cash-rich crop and second, guilt for not making most of it. Slowly and steadily, native entrepreneurs have started to realize the potential of the hemp, which is poised to be known as a trillion dollar cash crop. For instance, did you know one can produce... continuer →

Le site de recueil des statistiques de la légalisation au Canada.

(NdlR : Voilà un site très très très informatif pour éviter de dire tout et n’importe quoi quand on décrit la situation au Canada, et pour permettre aux autorités canadiennes de disposer d’un véritable Table de Bord pour mieux comprendre les évolutions du marché et leurs conséquences. Un outil que seule une politique de régulation de la production et de la... continuer →
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Predictions For Cannabis 2019 From Entrepreneurs On The Front Lines

Ten states encompassing more than half the US population, will now have access to legal recreational marijuana. Canada went legal this year and Israel continues to expand its medical marijuana research. What’s next ? Entrepreneurs in the industry cite new ways to invest, better testing and the continued explosion of CBD products as some of the... continuer →

Why are so many countries now saying cannabis is OK ?

Under President Barack Obama, a critic of the US-led war on drugs, the US government stepped back from enforcing federal laws and effectively gave states a green light to explore alternatives. Eight more states and Washington DC have since supported the legalisation of recreational cannabis and penalties are softening elsewhere. The use of... continuer →

Offres d’emplois - "Come work with us" at Harmony

Company WebsiteEmployees Come work with us. We’re looking for talented people to join our growing team. View Openings Harmony is a wellness company using hemp as a tool to bring real Harmony to people’s lives. We have a team of 30 people from 12 nationalities, and a 600m2 HQ in Barcelona. We are warriors fighting to expand harmony across the... continuer →

La Caricom explique pourquoi l’usage de la marijuana dans la Caraïbe devrait être dépénalisé

(NdlR : Après la légalisation en Uruguay, celle au Canada, la réforme programmée au Mexique, les velléités de la Jamaïque, c’est à l’ensemble régional CARICOM d’adopter une déclaration extraordinaire pour faire entendre la voix des petits pays de la région). La Caricom explique pourquoi l’usage de la marijuana dans la Caraïbe devrait être dépénalisé UN... continuer →
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